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Don't Buy Keeway 152 Without Watching This Ultimate Guide First!

If you're considering buying the Keeway 152, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know before making that purchase. From specifications to user experiences, we've got you covered.

Keeway 152 is a lightweight and stylish motorcycle


When it comes to buying a motorcycle, it's crucial to make an informed decision. The Keeway 152 is a popular choice among riders, but is it the right fit for you? Let's dive into the details and help you decide.

The Keeway 152: An Overview

The Keeway 152 is a lightweight and stylish motorcycle that has gained popularity for its sleek design and affordability. It's a favourite among beginners and experienced riders alike. Here's what you need to know:

The Keeway 152 offers a 150cc engine, making it a perfect choice for daily commuting. It's fuel-efficient and boasts an impressive mileage of 60 km/l.

This motorcycle comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, providing a smooth and responsive ride.

Its compact design and lightweight build make it easy to handle, even in heavy traffic.

Specifications of the Keeway 152

Specifications of the Keeway 152

Let's take a closer look at the specifications of the Keeway 152:

  • Engine: 150cc single-cylinder, air-cooled

  • Power: 12.8 bhp

  • Torque: 12.2 Nm

  • Transmission: 5-speed manual

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 liters

  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes

  • Weight: 135 kg

Why Choose the Keeway 152?

Why Choose the Keeway 152?

The Keeway 152 has several advantages that make it a compelling choice:

  1. Affordability: It's a budget-friendly option, making it accessible to a wide range of riders.

  2. Fuel Efficiency: With its excellent mileage, you'll save money on fuel costs.

  3. Stylish Design: The Keeway 152 is known for its modern and sleek appearance.

  4. Easy Handling: Its lightweight design ensures a comfortable and stress-free riding experience.

  5. Reliability: Keeway motorcycles are renowned for their durability and reliability.

experienced the Keeway 152 firsthand.

User Experiences

To provide you with a well-rounded perspective, let's hear from riders who have experienced the Keeway 152 firsthand.

  • Sarah: "I've been riding my Keeway 152 for over a year now, and it's been a fantastic journey. It's easy to manoeuvre, and the mileage is a huge plus for me."

  • John: "As a beginner, I found the Keeway 152 to be the perfect choice. It's responsive, and the braking system instils confidence."

  • Emily: "I purchased the Keeway 152 for my daily commute, and it hasn't disappointed me. It's reliable, and I've saved a lot on fuel costs."


Q: Is the Keeway 152 suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Its lightweight design and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for beginners.

Q: What is the price range of the Keeway 152?

A: The Keeway 152 is known for its affordability, with prices typically ranging from $1,500 to $2,000.

Q: Does it require frequent maintenance?

A: Like any motorcycle, regular maintenance is essential. However, the Keeway 152 is known for its durability and reliability.

Q: Can it handle long-distance rides?

A: While it's primarily designed for commuting, the Keeway 152 can handle short to medium-length trips with ease.

Q: Are spare parts readily available?

A: Keeway has a strong network of dealers, ensuring that spare parts are easily accessible.

Q: What's the warranty coverage?

A: The standard warranty for the Keeway 152 typically covers 2 years or a specific mileage, whichever comes first.


In conclusion, the Keeway 152 is a fantastic choice if you're looking for an affordable, stylish, and reliable motorcycle. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, this bike offers a great value proposition. Don't buy the Keeway 152 without first considering this ultimate guide.

Remember, making an informed decision is crucial when purchasing a motorcycle, and the Keeway 152 certainly deserves your consideration.


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